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Non Slip Floor Coating For The Bathroom

Have you ever stepped out of the tub, reached for a towel and found yourself sitting on the floor?  This happens every day, as a matter of fact, every hour dozens if not hundreds of Americans are seriously injured in exactly this way.


Since it is impossible to avoid getting water on the floor of a bathroom, is there a solution to this safety issue?  There are dozens of products claiming to provide a non slip coating for bathroom floors but there is only one best solution.


Although we don’t recommend it you could always use one of the anti slip coatings designed for garage floors; paint on epoxy, add an aggregate, then a top sealer, all while trying to vent your house of the fumes.  Then wait 24-48 hours for it to dry and in the end you’ll wind up with an ugly garage floor in your master bath.  Your floor may be safer but this approach really won’t add to the resale value of your home will it?


The questions we hear most often are: “Is there a real non slip coating for bathroom floors that keeps maintains the beauty of the floor, doesn’t void the flooring manufacturer’s warranty, all while dramatically increasing safety of my bathroom floor?”  


The answer, finally, is a resounding yes!   Posigrip® provides you with the safest bathroom surfaces available anywhere, even or especially, when wet.  Just listen to what two of our hotel clients had to say.

“We are very satisfied with the result of PosiGrip® . Our tubs had a gray, dingy color to them especially on the bottom where the slip resistant strips used to be. Guests always thought our bathtubs were dirty because of the color. Not only are our tubs clean, they are slip resistant as well. The guests have less chance to fall now, and that reduces our headaches of unnecessary lawsuits and expenses.”

“We were concerned about the kind of grip our guests were getting under their feet when they were showering in the bathrooms. I was very impressed with the difference it made to the surface of the bath tub. It works better than any bathmat that I have ever seen. Even with soap under your feet it is still very hard to try to make your feet slip.”

Imagine what your result will be in your bathrooms.  You see Posigrip® not only dramatically increases the safety of your bathroom floor but can also be applied to your tub or shower floor as well, making all your bathroom surfaces non slip.

Posigrip® comes with a 2 year warranty and also will not:

  • Damage your existing floor.
  • Void any manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Change or alter the appearance of the floor.
  • Require 24 hours cure time, it’s ready to be used in ½ an hour.


Call your local Posigrip® representative today and remove the worry you may have about taking a shower.

PosiGrip Video

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