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Best Non Slip Floor Coating for Clear Anti Slip Floor

Safety, let me say it again, Safety, and one more time, Safety is what we are all looking for when we try to find a non slip floor coating that works.  The question always comes down to, “What is the best non-slip floor coating available?”


Just Google “non slip flooring solutions” and you’ll see dozens of different companies offering many different solutions.  From anti-skid strips to products that actually claim to etch little suction cups onto the surface of a floor, you’ll find dozens of products all claiming to be the “Best Non Slip Floor Coating Solution.”


We’ve taken the time to come up with a list of the 10 most important things to look for before you buy. 


The best Non-Slip-Floor Coating must:


  1. Not damage the flooring when it is applied.
  2. Not change the look of the floor after it’s applied.
  3. Not void the manufacturer’s warranty for the floor or tub/shower.
  4. Be effectively applied in one step.
  5. Come with a warranty.
  6. Have no cure time i.e. can be walked on immediately.
  7. Be odor free.
  8. Have a VOC rating lower than most interior paints.
  9. Work on: Ceramic Tile, Concrete, Polished Marble, Granite and even on vinyl tile.
  10. Be good for use in tubs and showers on both porcelain and fiberglass surfaces.


Now, you probably found this page through a Google Search so as you’re comparing one product to another take that list of 10 things to look for and use it as your guide.


You’ll find some products that require an epoxy type coating to be applied then add aggregate to the product you just painted on and then wait for 24 hours before you can walk on it.


Other products are sold as a do-it-yourself kit and claim to not alter the appearance of the floor after application.


Some products are touted to be both a non-slip floor coating and a great cleaner for floors.  That company recommends that you use the product in solution as a floor cleaner and that doing so will increase the life of the anti-slip product significantly.


As you go down the checklist and compare products you’ll find that Posigrip® meets all 10 of those important considerations. Posigrip®


  1. Will not damage the surface of the floor.
  2. Will not alter the appearance of the floor.
  3. Will not void the flooring manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. Is applied in a single step followed by a rinse.
  5. Comes with a 2 year warranty.
  6. Has no cure time you can walk on the floor within ½ an hour after completing the application.
  7. Is odor free.
  8. Has a VOC level of .5% and is considered “green” under even the most stringent regulations.
  9. Works equally well on Ceramic Tile, Concrete, Polished Marble, Granite and Vinyl Tile.
  10. Is excellent for treating tubs and showers both fiber glass and porcelain.


Call your local Posigrip® representative today and take the worry out of taking a shower.

PosiGrip Video

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